Couples Therapy

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 I provide couple-centered consultation and treatment for a wide variety of challenges, including:  career and work-life stress, transitions to parenting and other life changes, emotional disconnection and withdrawal, marital separation and divorce, and the impact of psychiatric issues on the marital relationship.  I am trained in Structural and Emotion-focused approaches to couples and family therapy. 

In the couples therapy context, my focus is on understanding the ways that partners make mutual contributions to distressing patterns of communicating and interacting.

Over time in a relationship, these patterns become ingrained, habitual, and naturally challenging to change.  My view is that couples therapy can be the vehicle through which to identify, examine, and alter these patterns so that more positive and emotionally-satisfying relationship dynamics can re-emerge.

I believe that change can transpire efficiently through this process; couples therapy with me tends to be  time-limited, ranging from  10-20 sessions. 

Individual Therapy

I have advanced training in individual psychotherapy in settings including medical centers, outpatient community clinics, and private practice settings.  I work with a broad range of concerns including:

  • Anxiety (stress, panic, worry)
  • Depression (irritablity, sadness, loss of interest)
  • Grief and loss
  • Wellness (work-life balance, clarifying values and goals, experiencing emotions more fully)